Zoom Timetable


  1. I acknowledge that injuries can occur when participating in physical activity and using small equipment
  2. I understand that it is my responsibilty to consult a professional physician regarding any health implications to deem it is safe to exercise otherwise I am physically fit and have no medical conditions that would prevent me from participating in an exercise class.
  3. By paying and attending an on line zoom class run by Kylie Nicholls of Populace Pilates, I agree to take full responsibilty for any risks, injuries, damages that I may incur whilst exercising and that I am voluntarily participating in this activity. 




Zoom classes

  • Tuesday 8.30 am
  • Wednesday 5.45 pm every other week
  • Friday 11am
  • Saturday 9.30




Zoom classes

Other Zoom classes may be added randomly. Once you fill in the contact form you will automatically be added to the zoom database and kept informed on a weekly basis with the times and links. Your information will not be shared to any other person or third party.

Payment will be made via bacs until there is a payment facility on my website.



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