Success Stories

Some years ago I damaged a muscle in my lower back and since then I’ve had to be careful. Over time, I’d become pretty stiff in that area and had visited a cranial osteopath when it had got too sore. She had suggested that Pilates would help me and due to work commitments I could only look within the Biggin Hill area for a class that would suit.

Earlier this year I came across the flyer for Kylie’s class on a noticeboard on Main Road and decided to give it a go. I didn’t have any reservations as such, I just thought that I’d see if the exercise would help and take it from there.

The sessions have clearly helped and I actually felt a benefit after just a couple of weeks. I used to think that my posture was pretty good but I know different! That has been the best thing that I’ve learnt, I now stand tall and don’t slouch which I was doing before – getting out of bed in the morning is not the effort that it was and I bend at the knees when putting the cat dishes on the floor, not from the lower back. As for balance, where did that go over the years! But, I’m getting better and find that I’m not falling over immediately.

Physically, I feel the best that I have been for years. For someone who never did any exercise to speak of before, I enjoy the sessions and get satisfaction out of being able to see improvement in my flexibility.

Judith Tracey

A friend suggested Kylie’s Pilates classes, to help my recovery from shoulder surgery. As expected I was a little nervous, so my 14 year old daughter came with me. Both of us have now been regulars since March 2018 and has been key to helping my return to Jujitsu. We thoroughly enjoy the class and what stands out for us is the friendliness of the group and Kylie is great at catering for all abilities and injuries. Thank you Kylie

Pilates Client

I was advised to go to Pilates classes by a hospital consultant because of my recurring back problem. I have been going to Kylie’s classes for a couple of years now. The stretching exercises help with the general mobility and my back problem has abated. Her classes are good, varied and friendly; I definitely recommend them.

Martin Smith

The Pilates classes have been a great help to my overall strength and wellbeing. It’s a great way to unwind after a busy day. I have been doing the classes for 8 weeks and have noticed a difference in my core strength which is helping with my horse riding as my position is stronger.

Emma Smith


I want to be able to carry on with the physical side of my job and my horse riding. To do this I needed to improve my core strength, stamina and mobility. I started classes with kylie about a year ago. I have noticed considerable changes to my body. My osteopath has also commented how the muscle formation on both sides of my spine has improved as has my core strength. I have had fewer visits to my osteopath since attending Pilates

I would definitely recommend Kylies Pilates classes.


I am a 48 year old Male and have been going to kylies classes for the past 2 years. I prolapsed my disc L5/S1about 5 years ago and had surgery. I find that Pilates helps me with my core strength and flexibility. I am also a keen cyclist and this helps me immensely with my flexibility on the bike. I highly recommend these fun and friendly classes.

Paul Clark

Biggin Hill

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