Private One to One Pilates

I offer Private one – one classes in your own home or in an available hall near you..

Where are you at?

  • You have had rehabilitation after an operation and the Physio has advised you to take up Pilates.
  • You have a condition that is affecting your lifestyle.
  • You are really struggling with mobility and do not want to join a group class.

What you may be doing right now that is not helping.

  • Putting off finding a class because You don’t know where to start. Continuing with a sedentary lifestyle and letting your condition or mobility get worse.
  • Feeling frustrated and irritable because your life is suffering due to your condition and becoming very unhappy.

What you need right now to help you out of your problem.

You need a tailored class specifically for your rehabilitation or condition. Someone who will understand you and work closely with you and have patience showing you the basics with the correct technique.

How will my class help you?

I will tailor the class to your specific needs. I will advise on technique and go slowly through the basics. I will give advice on exercises to do at home to help with everyday life. We will agree on short and long term goals that will keep you motivated.

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