Pilates Workshops

I offer workshops that are held monthly. Barre Pilates, Large Fitness ball Pilates and Dance Pilates.

Where are you at?

  • Your strength, balance and mobility are improving with the Pilates classes but you want to challenge your self further.
  • You have wanted to try other types of Pilates but felt they would be too hard and you would struggle to keep up.
  • Too embarrassed to try something new.

What you may be doing right now that is not helping.

  • Putting off trying a workshop
  • Are you Procrastinating

What you need right now to help you out of your problem.

Attend a workshop and have hands on corrections and feel relaxed, healthy and on top of the world at the end.

How will my workshops help you?

The workshops will improve your balance, mobility and strength using the Large ball or with Barre Fitness exercises or with flowing choreographed dance exercises incorporating Pilates.

  • The exercises will be taught through different levels and will be repetitive to help you remember.
  • Don’t be embarrassed, most clients attending will be in the same situation as you and have never attended these workshops before.
  • I want you to enjoy the experience.