Group Mat Pilates

I offer group mat classes in Hurst Green, Godstone and Biggin hill. I also offer Zoom classes.

Where are you at?

  • You haven’t ever exercised or haven’t exercised in a long time. You can feel your body getting stiffer and less flexible as you get older.
  • You are more sedentary now than ever before and you know you need to do something about it.

What you may be doing right now that is not helping.

  • Is your job sitting at a desk or driving, maybe standing for long hours. Is this affecting your posture and causing you discomfort.
  • Are you anxious or nervous about starting a class and keep putting it off for another day or keep making excuses.

What you need right now to help you out of your problem.

You need to start a regular exercise regime to become more flexible and mobile, improve your posture and strengthen your body. A class that is friendly with hands on corrections. Where the clients have been in the same situation. A class where you will feel comfortable to attend.

How will my class help you?

I offer hands on corrections to improve your technique. My classes are friendly and most of my clients started Pilates due to a joint, back or posture problem.

I aim to deliver safe and professional classes.


Come and join me. First class is a free Taster.

These classes are for beginners and intermediates. 


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