Will I be able to keep up?

You can stay at lower and easier levels for as long as you want. I will advise when ready to go to higher levels if you are unsure.

I don’t have time?

Once you start and see results you will feel you have to make time. You need to attend regularly to get the results you are expecting.

I don’t think I am fit enough?

You do not have to be fit to do Pilates. Keep to lower levels and work up slowly. You will start to feel fitter and will start to feel the benefits of Pilates.

Will there be people my age?

I have all ages in my class. It is very friendly and everyone talks to everyone regardless of age.

Will I be the only man?

I have several men in the classes. If you were the only man no one else would mind or judge. Each individual concentrates on their own awareness and no one else.

How long before I see results?

Generally in about 2 -3 months you should start to see some results. Initially a stronger core which will improve your posture and balance.

Take a look at the success stories that others have written. These are all genuine clients.

What should I wear?

Wear something easy to move in but not too baggy. Wear either socks or we have bare feet.

Do I need to bring anything?

I supply mats if you don’t have one but welcome to bring your own. Bring some water.

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