About Kylie

For 5 years I had a hip problem, forever going to the doctors when eventually I was referred to a consultant.

After several x-rays and MRI scans it was found that I had a cyst on the head of my femur.

After two Arthroscopies and still no better, the option was a hybrid hip replacement. I opted for this as I was often in tears with the pain.

After the operation I couldn’t believe how weak my leg muscles had become. I was making sure I followed the exercise regime given to me by the physios. But I felt I needed something more. So I decided to find a form of exercise that would not put strain on the joint and would build up my muscles. I found a Pilates one to one class close by which I attended. After a few of these classes I joined a few local mat based classes eventually attending three a week. My leg muscles began to build up and so did my core and I felt good every time I came out of the class.

I enjoyed it so much I decided it was time to pass the dance school on that I ran and get a qualificaction in Pilates. I now hold a qualification with BSY and Future Fit in Level 3 Pilates, Pre and Post natal, Orthopaedic, Nutrition and weight management, pain referral and Advanced Level 4 Low back pain.

I recovered so well I was able to participate in other classes . I attended Pole, Ariel hoop and sling classes at the age of 52 to 59 I think this is quite an achievement after a hip replacement.

I have to thank Pilates which has helped me to acheive this.

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